Timothy B. Layden

More Performance, an exhibition of musicians.

To the left is an image from the perfromance piece "An Exhibtion of Musicians" which took place at Pantocrator Gallery in Barcelona on the 5th of March 2011This event was organised by Adriano Galante and other musicians as an exploration of sound as art. Click on the music player above to listen to 42.5 minute of the 3 hour session This was the latest of varoius collaborations where Adriano Galante and I have worked together. The first was in a street performance which took place in Madrid in 2003 (see images bottom left). The perfomance "MORE" was organised as a fundraising event for the charity Amigos de Afirca, The perfomance was a parody on human nature and the dietification of comsumable commodities.


Adriano galantes most recent project is Seward

an exhbition of musicians More performance Madrid 2003