Timothy B. Layden





10/2017- Synesthesia art exhibition and Forum; Beijin art and cultural centre, Beijing, Xu Zhou, Hang Zhou & Guang Zhou, China

12/2015 -01/2016 Winter Show (collective exhibtion) Hocikaido & Kyoto, Japan

07-08/2015 Black and White; Scroll drawings (collective exhibtion) BAR Gallery, London, UK

05/2015 Texknesyn; exhibition of synesthetic art by artists with synaesthesia:  V conference on Art, Science and Synesthesia (collective exhibtion curated by Timothy B Layden); Palace Museum of Abacial, Jaen, Spain

08/2014 Syntonicity, exploringsound connected synaesthesia 9collective exhibtion, curated b Jane Murtagh), University of Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK

06-07/2014 Open Ealing Artist Zoo, Artist in residence and exhibitor in Artist Zoo exhibition (collective exhibtion, curated by Jack Jones), Ealing, London, UK

03/2014  Artist in residence at Paperback Coffee, contributing art to Coffee Festival Allegra Foundation charity exhibition - Truman Brewery Gallery, Bricklane, London, UK

04/2013 Synesthesia Phonetics (collective exhibition, curated by Lucy Lopez and Sonja Bargielowska), sound art and drawing interpretions of exhbiting artists work on synaesthesia, Chelsea, London,  UK

05-06/2012 Engaging the Senses, Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Devon,  UK

07-09/2012  From the Shadows, (Colective exhibition, curated by Art Buffet) Stour Space, London,  UK

06/2011  "You are not in Control", (collective exhibition curated by Submit2Gravity) Netil House, London,  UK

04/09 - Rosebud Cafe - Seattle Washington, USA - Early works

11/08 OXXO exhibition of Synesthetic Art (collective exhibition, curated by James Bulley); Take Pride Gallery,  London, UK

04/2008 Novas Gallery, London Bridge, London, UK - Collective 58 Eye Level,  London, UK

05/2007 Trinity Buoy,  London, Arts in Process - exhibition of interactive mixed media involving spectators in process art.

09/2006 -  01/07 New York City,  Digital'2006"Bio/Med SciART" New York Hall of Science

11/2007 - Questor's Gallery, Curious Feeling  Looking and Seeing, London, UK

05/2007 - Arts in Process, (collective exhibition of participative art in development), Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK

09/2006-01/2007 - Digital 2006 Bio/Med SciART (Collective exhibtion on digital art about biomedical science),

11/2006 - Liberte d' Expression (selective collective exhibition); Barclay Bank and Art Angel, Islington, London, UK

11/2005 - New Visions of Surrealism, (digital art competition, 1st runner up), Modazone, Mexico City, Mexico

12/2004 - Magma Festival, (collective exhibtion of installation art on global migration), Tenerife, Canary Islands

04/2004 Visual art on music and poetry, Gallery Inguilino, Madrid Spain,

02/2004 -  Visual art on music and poetry, Galaery Hagele Mio, Madrid, Spain

06/2003 - Awareness of Chaos, Hypnotic Art, Madrid, Spain

01/2002 - Visual Art and Writing on hypnogogic interpretations of mythology, Domestic Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

12/1999-02/2000 - Arterntive Fair; Old Shoe Facotry, Seattle, WA, USA

06/1999 - Tokyo, CLUB IKEBUKURO:, artists collective -co-organizer of happenings and group exhibitions,  developed art events in public space bringing passers-by into participative collective art projects.

11/1997 - The Best of the Northwest: Centre of Contemporary Art (COCA), Seattle WA, USA,

12/1997 -   Four Angels Gallery -- paintings, sculpture and metal engravings,Seattle WA, USA,

06/1997 -  Beyond Chaos : - mixed-media group exhibition of art reflecting organized chaos - collective mixed-media exhibition with local artists at the Art/Not terminal, Seattle WA, USA,

06/1997 -, Alien Art Ransom: visual arts exhibition of interpretations of extraterrestrial life,  Seattle WA, USA

05/1997 - -, Lewis and Clark Centre for Arts and Culture 14th National Arts Competition -- 2nd place, Lewiston ID, USA  

05/1997 -   Lusty Lady Gallery -- Competition of erotic art, Seattle WA, USA,

01/1997 - Seattle WA, USA Lux Gallery  - paintings, sculpture and metal engravings

11/1996 - , Judith Schorr Gallery -  metal engravings, Seattle WA, USA

09/1995 - The University of the Americas -- Cholula, Mexico  -- paintings on chaos theory, Puebla, Mexico

05/1994 -  Gallery 20\20, hanging sculptures, Puebla, Mexico










Originally from Seattle Washington, USA, Timothy B Layden has been an artist, designer, musician, writer, activist and teacher living in The USA, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Spain and The UK.


He received a BA in Fine Art from the University of The Americas in Mexico, where he co-formed his first collective, Exposción, with an international group of young artists and worked with a local secondary school involving youth in cooperative art projects.

From 1995 to 1997, he produced mixed media art  and ran workshops from his live-in studio in Seattle, USA.  In 1997, he worked with marginalized youth, graffiti artists and fine artists to develop murals for the City of Seattle.

In 1998 and 1999 he lived in Japan, where he  continued his studies and formed part of the art collective Club Ikebukero. From 1998 to 2000 he travelled from Japan to Mexico and back to the US working with different groups of artists, producing new work and exhibiting.  In 2000 he arrived in Spain where he began his doctorate in fine art at the University of Barcelona focusing his research on interdisciplinary arts and synaesthesia. At the same time he developed a series of exhibitions and installations and worked with a street theatre group doing performances in public space. Since receiving his PhD in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona he has settled in the United Kingdom where he lives with his wife and works as a teacher and an artist. He continues to develop his own work in visual art, sound art, writing, digtial art, photography & illustration, while conducting art based and academic research. He collaborates on creative projects within the UK as well as abroad: with the urban art intervention group City Mine(d) in London, Brussels and Barcelona; exhibiting  individually and collectively; developing designs for  musical groups and private companies; conducting interdisciplinary projects and research related to art, science and synesthesia with The Artecitta Foundation and The UK Synaesthesia Association.


2013- present: Developing an illustrated science fictiona novel about art, science, music synaesthesia and the mystery of outer space.

2014-2015: Research into syneshtesia and the shape of sounds; "Comparing the Shape of Sound": collabortive art research with Christine Soffing and Klaus Schmidtke for the UK Synaesthesia Association and The Artecitta Foundatoin.

2007- present: Synesthesia Artforum: http://synesthesia-artforum.blogspot.com/;

2010 - 2014: Member of the London Surrealist Group and The Exploritorium Project: Edited journal -"The Overflowing Milkmaid with Curved Feet", 2012 and Wild Land Courage collaborative sound art project.

2011-2014: Research into the shape of sounds and awareness developed through art practice; presented at IV Interenational conference on Synaesthesia, Science & Art, University of Almeria, 2012 UK Synaesthesia Associatin Conference, University of East London, 2013 UK Synaesthesia Associatin Conference, Goldsmiths University

2008 and 2011 - Artecitta summer courses and interdisciplinary porjects on Syneasthesia in collaboration with The University of Almeria and The University of Granada, Spain

2009: Synesthesia in Contemporary Art; presented at III Conference on Art Science and Synesthesia, Spain;

2007 The influence of Music on Painting presented at II Conference of Synesthesia art and Science Granada, Spain;

2008 Irregular One: interactive graphic illustrated short story

09/06 - 05/07 Art Aware: art aiming to improve the well being of others through creative activity,

2006 Publications for Urban Forum and Tool Book for Urban Art Interventions, City Mine(d) Urban Forum, Brussels, Barcelona, London

2005 Practical and Theoretical Contributions of Synaesthesia and Audio Perception to Contemporary Painting, The University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain http://www.tesisenxarxa.net/TDX-0406105-173506/


2002 – Visual poetry, The University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

1995 - Chaos Theory in Contemporary Art, The University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico



Present International Artecitta Foundation (www.atecitta.es) develop research and workshops on art and synesthesia  

03/11 Member of UK Synesthesia Association, presented art practice “The Shape of Sounds” at 2011 Conference University of East London

04/08 - Novas Gallery: art workshops with staff and with homeless and artists  

07/05 - 07/07 City Mine(d): www.citymined.org - London, Barcelona and Brussels: artist, project coordinator, designer, curator, educator, simultaneous interpreter, workshop facilitator,  networking,  project manager and administrator; working collaboratively with artists, urban dwellers, national and international organizations, community centres, schools, centres for learning difficulties, city regulators and academics, designing and developing art projects, workshops, events, research, and works of art.

05/07 Arts in Process - Talk on the art intervention and the use of participative community art projects, collaborative  development of art on the process of participative art exhibited in collaborative exhibition.

06/04 - El Barrio de Los Artistes, Madrid, Spain: festival of open studios, Madrid.

10/02 - 6/03 MORE Performance Madrid: collaborative performance commenting consumerism & culture: Art director and performance artist

11/01 - Barcelona Arte Contemporaneo: Barcelona, Spain, --installation artist

08/99-10/99   Eye from Outside: Mexico: workshops and exhibition combining photography and drawing

07/97-12/97 SODO: Seattle, collaboration between marginalized youth and urban artists to paint murals




7/11 PGCE in Art and Design, The Institute of Education, London

3/05 Doctorate in Fine Art, The University of Barcelona: interdisciplinary visual art

11/02 Diploma in advanced education, The University of Barcelona, Spain

10/95 BA in Fine Art: The University of the Americas, Mexico

9 -12/94 Internship in Graphic arts: I Niele, Milan, Italy - In studio study of metal engraving & printing

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Timothy B Layden, photo by Helena Melero-2